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The Dubai Creek merges the interesting Bur Dubai and Deira, and a ride on the Dhow Cruise Dubai allows you to see high-rise skyscrapers on both sides. You will have the opportunity to experience these landmarks in all their splendor when the Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek begins as the night descends. You can even get a chance to witness the exotic and traditional Tanoura dance with colorful belly dancing at the cruise. Yoou can also enjoy your brunch at Dhow Cruise Dinner. If you are planning to make your night special with your spouse or loved ones then this is the place to go for!

Seeing Dubai's evolution from a little fishing hamlet to a bustling global metropolis is a fascinating cultural experience. You'll travel in wooden dhows, which were once utilized for transportation by Arabs. For better views, all Dhow cruises have an upper and lower deck allowing you to get the best of landscapes. In a unique fashion, the dhows and their décor represent historic Bedouin customs and ideas. With the night lights, quiet murmur of the water, and a lovely breeze, the Dinner Cruise Dubai trip is a sight to behold. If you are considering a trip to Dubai, you should consider an exciting cruise or an all-inclusive Dubai city trip.

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If you are planning to visit Dubai then you must definitely hop on the Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek as it is one of the most popular tourist attractions here. You will witness long queues and large groups of people at the ticket counter, thus it is best to get tickets in advance via an online method to save time. Due to the limited amount of seats available, tickets to a popular venue like these are guaranteed to sell out. To ensure that you obtain a slot and can relax and enjoy your experience, purchase your tickets in advance online so that you can jumpstart to a thrilling day straight ahead.

You can Plan your jumpstart by planing your cruise experience with us Plan Your Dubai Dhow Cruise Experience.

 Dhow Cruise Dinner Creek (3 Star Buffet Dinner)
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Dhow Cruise Dinner Creek 3 Star Buffet Dinner
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Dhow Cruise Dinner Creek With Shared Transfers (3 Star Buffet Dinner)
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Dhow Cruise Dinner Creek With Shared Transfers 3 Star Buffet Dinner
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Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek Package Options

Dhow Cruise Dubai
Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek

While cruising through the picturesque canals on a Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek, take in the stunning night views of Dubai city. Enjoy delectable buffet-style meals while taking in breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes and prominent Dubai metropolitan attractions. The boat takes you around both sides of Dubai Creek, which are home to some of the city's most spectacular monuments, as the city is divided into two sections: Bur Dubai and Deira. Another unique highlight of the cruise is the Tanoura show in which several musicians play soft and mellow music which you can enjoy while enjoying the view. You'll also be treated to delicious food from a buffet that includes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian alternatives.

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Dhow cruise dubai
Private Dhow Cruise in Dubai Creek

Find an excuse to charter a Dhow and share the romance of sailing with your family and friends on a memorable sailing adventure. For generations, the Dhow has been utilized as a trade vessel, cruising the coasts of Eastern Arabia and East Africa. Relax with your loved ones on the open upper deck while appreciating the breathtaking vista and the Dubai skyline at night. Take a boat around Dubai Creek and take in the sights of the shimmering metropolis.

Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek
Royal Creek Dinner Cruise Dubai

The royal creek evening cruise is the best cruising experience in Dubai. Enjoy an amazing 2-hour cruise with supper aboard a traditional dhow boat while enjoying Dubai's beautiful skyline. The wooden Rustar Cruise adds to Dubai's charm by providing a natural and relaxing atmosphere. This royal cruise offers a one-of-a-kind rural Arabian experience complete with modern comforts, royal hospitality, intriguing decor, and scrumptious five-star cuisine. The international buffet lunch features some of the finest cuisine made by some of the world's most renowned chefs. The gorgeous and romantic atmosphere will certainly provide you the inner joy you are currently lacking.

Dhow cruise dubai marina Price
Dubai City Tour Combo with Desert Safari and Creek Cruise

A simple journey to Dubai could leave a lasting impression on all of us, since the sights that can be viewed in a single day are enough to entice us to return. If you're visiting Dubai, this two-day package includes a guided tour of the city, the spring, the world's highest tower, the Burj Khalifa, and a desert safari, which is a must-do experience in Dubai. The package combines a Dubai city tour with a Desert Safari and a Creek Cruise to allow you to experience the finest of Dubai. Furthermore, wonderful meals prepared by a professional chef will be offered.

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Dhow Cruise at Creek
  • The Dubai Creek is a saltwater creek in the city's center that serves as a meeting point for traditional and modern components.
  • Before joining the Arabian Gulf, the stream runs for 3.2 kilometers through the Jumeirah neighborhood, passing by the scenic Sheik Zayed Road and Safa Park.
  • Dubai is divided into two districts by the creek: Bur Dubai, the region's old center, and Deira Dubai, the modern city.
  • You can also explore the creek by taking a sunset or night tour on a traditional dhow, or by taking an abra or water taxi.
  • The creek offers spectacular views of Dubai's expanding cityscape, in addition to notable sights like the Burj Khalifa and the Fountain.
  • One can also enjoy delicious buffets while cruising along the serene canals of Dubai creek, offering an unforgettable experience.
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